General Description

Digital Diathermy with Dual Outputs Spark 425 Duo is a multi-functional digital surgical diathermy suitable for both open and endoscopic procedures ranging from paediatric to cardiac surgeries. It has the capability to give two monopolar outputs through hand switch pencils. Specialized functions include soft/spray coag, bipolar cutting, combi mode for laparoscopic surgeries etc. Standard features include inbuilt voltage stabilizer, double handswitched output etc.

Technical Specifications
  • HF Power Display : 3 digit LED display.
  • HF Power control : Digital control in small increments.
Monopolar Cut
  • Cut : 400 watts (variable)
  • Blend : By dedicated switching
  • TUR : By dedicated switching
  • Rated frequency : 500 KHz
Monopolar Coagulation
  • Forced Coag : 100 watts (variable)
  • Spray Coag : 100 watts (variable)
  • Soft Coag : 100 watts (variable)
  • Rated frequency : 500 KHz
Bipolar Coagulation
  • Standard Coag : 100 watts (variable)
  • Rated frequency : 500 KHz
Bipolar Cut
  • Cut : 100 watts (variable)
  • Rated frequency : 500 KHz
TURP/underwater cutting:
    Monopolar outputs same as given above. HF output optimized for TURP
Handswitched output 1 & 2:
    Monopolar outputs same as given above
Laparoscopy output:
    Monopolar & bipolar outputs same as given above.
Line voltage fluctuation compatibility
  • Working range : Steady HF output for line voltages from 170 to 250 volts, 50 Hz
  • Maximum range : Steady HF output for line voltages from 200 to 250 volts, 50 Hz
Internal Power Supply:
    High Efficiency Transformer
Physical Dimensions
  • Size : 400mm x 370mm x 140mm
  • Weight : 10.5 Kgs
  • Power consumption : 1000 Watts (230V, 50Hz)
  • Two Monopolar Outputs via handswitch Pencil.
  • Dedicated TUR Mode for Urology use.
  • Dedicated Endo Mode for gastro use.
  • Three types of monopolar coagulation
  • Soft coag for char free contact coagulation.
  • Forced coag for sealing bleeders.
  • Spray coag for wide area superficial non-contact coagulation.
  • HF output power can be set digitally in small increments
  • Steady HF output at set value even under line voltage fluctuating conditions
  • Audio & visual monitoring of patient plate circuit
  • Combined or independent use of mono & bipolar functions enabled
  • Autoclavable accessories
  • Smooth bipolar cut for adhesiolysis
  • Relatively charring free whitish bipolar coagulation effects
  • Combination use of mono cut & bipolar coag for laparoscopic surgeries enabled
  • Separate switching to TUR mode by front panel control
  • Colour coded double pedal footswitch with cable and connector.
  • Reusable Handswitch surgical pencil with one flat electrode
  • Reusable Active electrodes handle with set of 4 electrodes & silicone rubber insulated cable
  • Reusable Insulated bipolar forceps with silicone rubber insulated cable
  • Silicone rubber patient plate with detachable connection cable and rubber strap with punched holes.

* Due to continuous improvement in design for compliance with International standards, the technical specifications are subject to alterations without notice.

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