General Description

Spark 50 is a dedicated bipolar coagulator with 100 watts coagulation power. This unit is most suitable for laparoscopic sterilization procedures, neuro surgeries, ENT surgeries and small clinics where minor procedures are carried out..

Salient Features
  • Powerful and relatively charr free bipolar coagulation.
  • Step less variation of output power.
  • Audio and visual indication for foot switch activation.
  • Highly portable unit.
  • Autoclavable accessories.
  • Inbuilt voltage stabiliser.
  • Special power transformer for non-interference with other monitoring equipment.
Standard Accessories
  • Colour coded single pedal footswitch with receptacle
  • Insulated Bipolar forceps with connection cable (Autoclavable)
  • Various shapes of Bipolar forceps suitable for specialized surgical needs
Line Voltage Fluctuation Compatibility
  • Working range : Steady HF output for Line Voltage from 150 to 270 Volts
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Bipolar Output Power Settings
  • Bipolar Coagulation Power : 100 Watts
  • Rated frequency : 1000 KHz
  • Power supply : 230 Volts, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption : 125 watts (Max)
Physical Dimensions

    Unit size : 304 x 180 x 123 mm

    Unit gross weight : 4 Kgs

* Due to continuous improvement in design for compliance with International standards, the technical specifications are subject to alterations without notice.

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