Compact Surgical Diathermy Equipment

Biomed Electronics and group companies are pioneer in sale and services for compact surgical diathermy equipment in India. You can buy Programmable Diathermy online at a highly affordable price.

Spark 50 - Dedicated bipolar coagulator with 100 watts coagulation power. This unit is most suitable for laparoscopic sterilization procedures, neuro surgeries, ENT surgeries and small clinics where minor procedures are carried out.

Spark 125 - Compact surgical diathermy ideal for ENT surgeons

Spark 200B - The most popular analogue model amongst general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and gynaecologists.

Spark 225 - An advanced version of Spark 200B with handswitch pencil controlled monopolar outputs.

Spark Classic - A digital underwater cutting surgical diathermy that can be used for TURP, Laparoscopy & general surgical procedures

Spark 400B Deluxe - An underwater cutting diathermy has all the features that is mostly asked for like silicone rubber patient plate, handswitch pencil, combination use of mono cut with bipolar coagulation etc

ARC 400 Compact - The standard model available from the Arc series surgical diathermy units. This model is very popular with urologists since it hs a cutting loop life enhancing Rapid Cut function

RF ARC - Advanced 4 MHz Radio Frequency surgery with minimal heat dissipation hence lesser cellular alteration with a very wide range of application

Spark 425 - The top most one in terms of high tech functional features from the SPARK series surgical diathermy units.

The company has ISO 900-2008 Quality Management System, professional trained engineers will provide an efficient after sales service for surgical diathermy equipment.