General Description

Tulip combi is a combination pump unit for use in tumescent liposuction procedures. The infusion fluid parameters like individual volume infused per fat pocket/one limb can easily be monitored. Also the total fluid consumed for one half of the patient's body/total infused volume can be monitored, thanks to the built in electronic memory. Totally non-contact method of peristaltic pumping ensures high sterility and the flow rate can easily be controlled. The suction pump (imported) is oil less piston type ensuring very silent yet very powerful suction effect. The suction pump is provided with a pair of imported reusable graduated poly carbonate jars for monitoring drained volume. The over flow cut off prevents back flow and the vacuum can easily be controlled though the front panel regulator..

Salient Features
  • Non-contact type peristaltic infiltration pump.
  • Contamination free infusion of tumescent solution.
  • Infusion rate variable and footswitch controlled.
  • Digital display for both infused volume and cumulative volume.
  • Memory active for both infused/cumulative volumes.
  • Oil less piston vacuum pump produces fast vacuum at extremely high flow rates.
  • Anti-bacterial filter provided in the unit eliminates airborne contamination.
  • Efficient over flow/back flow protection float assembly provided for the suction jars.
  • Transparent high quality poly carbonate jars with graduation marks.
  • Changeover valve helps selection of the suction jars.
  • Independent & simultaneous operation of suction and irrigation possible.
  • Withstands power supply voltage fluctuations (with inbuilt stabilizer).
  • Portable unit.
  • Indication gauges provided for vacuum.
Standard Accessories
  • Suction jar (Poly carbonate) 4 litres capacity : 1 No.
  • Suction jar (Polycarbonate) 2 litres capacity : 1 No.
  • Single pedal footswitch : 1 No.
  • Connection tubing : 1 Set
  • Professional grade silicone rubber tube : 2 Nos.
Technical Specifications
    I. Infiltration Pump.
  • Infusion rate: 30-300ml/mt.
  • Infused volume: 0-9.99 litres.
  • Cumulative volume: 0-99.9 litres.
  • Memory for infusion: Digital display provided.
  • Infusion control: Through single pedal footswitch.
  • Power consumption : 50 watts (230V, 50 Hz.)
    II. Suction Pump.
  • Max. vacuum: (-) 700mm Hg.
  • Free flow rate: 90 litres/min.
  • Suction jar capacity: 4 litres + 2 litres poly carbonate jars.
  • Back flow/over flow protection: Provided.
  • Bottle change over valve: Provided.
  • Power supply: 230 volts, 50Hz.
  • Noise level: <56 dB.
  • Power consumption : 300 watts (0.4 HP,230V, 50 Hz)
Physical Dimensions
  • Unit size : 360 x 385 x 740 mm.
  • Unit gross weight : 30 Kgs.

* Due to continuous improvement in design for compliance with International standards, the technical specifications are subject to alterations without notice.

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