General Description

The Rolla is a peristaltic pump which employs a totally non-contact method for pumping irrigant into human organs at preset pressures and flow rates. This finds application as a Hysteromat for diagnostic as well as operative hysteroscopy procedures. In urological procedures it works as a uromat for dialating the ureter. In arthroscopy it finds application as an arthropump for pressurizing the knee/shoulder cavity.

Special Features
  • Intra organ infusion pressure can be preset in steps of 1mm Hg
  • Easily detachable and fully autoclavable pressure chamber and conn. tubes
  • Totally non contact method of peristaltic pump using stainless steel rollers.
  • Imported high quality roller pump and pressure sensor used as original parts
  • No risk of air embolism since peristaltic pump is used
  • Preselectable values of pressure and flow are retained after switch off and subsequent switch on
  • As a Hysteromat in hysteroscopy.
  • As an Arthropump in arthroscopy.
  • As an Uromat in urology.
Standard Accessories
  • Rolla pump with integral controls, pressure chamber etc -1 Set
  • Irrigation bottle puncture cannula - 1 No.
  • Connection tubings (Silicone Rubber) with luer lock – 1 Set
Technical Specifications
  • Intra Organ Pressure range (settable): 50 to 225 mm Hg.
  • Liquid flow rate (variable) : 10 to 1000ml/min
  • Power supply (fluctuation compatible): 170 to 250 V, 50 Hz.
  • Power Consumption : 60 watts
Physical Dimensions
  • Unit Dimensions: 305 x 155 x 180mm.
  • Weight: 6.5Kg.

* Due to continuous improvement in design for compliance with International standards, the technical specifications are subject to alterations without notice.

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