General Description

The Univac Duo is a double pump unit housed in a single cabinet for simultaneous use of suction and irrigation functions in Laparoscopic surgeries in Gynecology and Gastroenterology. This suction irrigation unit also finds application in specialized surgeries like Arthroscopy, Neuro, ENT, and general surgery where quick removal of blood ,blood clots and pressure washing of surgical site is required. Suction flow rate is variable upto 16 litres per minute and variable irrigation pressure upto 600 mm Hg.

Salient Features
  • Imported diaphragm pump with non-contaminating body.
  • Independent & simultaneous operation of suction and irrigation possible.
  • Collection bottle with overflow protection by mechanical float & internal filter.
  • Variable flow rate and restart against vacuum.
  • Irrigation pressurization air filtered through antibacterial filter.
  • Irrigation pressure variable and maximum limit optionally settable.
  • Withstands power supply voltage fluctuations (with inbuilt stabilizer).
  • Light weight and portable unit.
  • Indication gauges provided for vacuum and pressure.
  • Suitable for use with endoscopic instruments.
Standard Accessories
  • Univac Duo suction-Irrigation unit with integral controls.
  • Fluid collection bottle with rubber cap & overflow cut off – 1 set.
  • Metal tube connections for Irrigation bottle.
  • • Air pressurisation needle – 1 No.
  • • Outflow cannula – 1 No.
  • Irrigation bottle holder (for fixing on to the pump cabinet) – 1 set.
  • Silicone rubber connection tube – 1 pair.
Technical Specifications
  • Vacuum : Max (-) 600mm Hg (800m bar)
  • Free flow rate : 20 litres/min (variable)
  • Irrigation Pressure : 600 mm Hg (0.66 bar) variable
  • Free flow rate : 7 litres/min (3 to 7 litres/min settable on request)
  • Suction Collection bottle : 2.0 litres capacity bottle having overflow protection
  • Irrigation bottle : Accepts saline/glycene bottles (disposable) of 500 ml to 3000 ml capacity
  • Power consumption : 100 watts (230 volts, 50Hz) with inbuilt voltage stabilizer
Physical Dimensions
  • Unit size : 305mm x 140mm x 240 mm
  • Unit Gross weight : 10 Kgs (with bottle)

* Due to continuous improvement in design for compliance with International standards, the technical specifications are subject to alterations without notice.

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